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Who Client: this is you and your business.

With Company: Small Business Collaborative Limited

Registered Address (not for any communication): 20 Goodwood Way, Chippenham, SN14 0SY

Representative: Therese Oertenblad

Understanding • The Terms and Conditions below apply to all coaching, mentoring, courses, material, and consulting services provided by Small Business Collaborative Limited and Therese Oertenblad.

The term mentoring covers, teaching, business coaching and consulting for clients.

• Mentoring, coaching and consulting are not psychological counselling of any type of therapy and shall not be construed as such.

• In return for the fees payable by the client (or third party on their behalf) agree to provide the service/product as agreed at the time of booking.

• The date of booking and payment constitutes the start of this agreement.

Price and Payment

• All prices are stated at the time of purchase.

• Payments are accepted via Stripe (accepts all major credit or debit cards).

Responsibility and Commitment

• Therese Oertenblad and Small Business Collaborative Limited commit to providing advice to the client to achieve the goals that they set out.

However, it is the client’s sole responsibility to action any advice given.

• Therese Oertenblad and Small Business Collaborative Limited do not accept any liability for the client’s actions.

• Therese Oertenblad and Small Business Collaborative Limited do not accept any liability for any personal or business losses. Confidentiality

• All personal or business information shared with Therese Oertenblad and Small Business Collaborative Limited will be treated as confidential and not shared or disclosed without the client’s prior consent unless required by law.

• All information will be held in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found here.


• Therese Oertenblad and Small Business Collaborative Limited encourage the client to speak openly and honestly about their business, the client acknowledges that there is a direct link between sharing information and the quality of advice being given.


• I am unable to offer any refunds for products purchased on this site for any reason and your purchase will be final.

• In exceptional circumstances I have the sole discretion to determine if I can grant you an exceptional refund and if this is the case you will have no further rights to use that product. Please contact [email protected] clearly stating the reason for your request.


You, the client requests to cancel:

• I am unable to offer any refund for this service.

In exceptional circumstances and if Small Business Collaborative request to cancel or reschedule:

• An alternative will be offered if one cannot be found a full refund will be provided.

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Module 3 - Pricing products profitably for wholesale

How to set your prices and profits on every product you sell.

What you'll get:

  • 6 lessons teaching you how to price your products for wholesale.
  • By the end of this module, you'll be clear on whether or not your products can make money at wholesale, and feel confident talking about pricing to retailers.

  • A community area where you can ask me questions to help you get started.