Question for you...

What if you could get ready to sell to shops in the span of just 3 days or one weekend? Without second-guessing and stress, would you do it?

Yes - tell me how

Or let me rephrase that…


What if you in under 3 days could work through all the steps you need to start selling to shops and start growing your sales without the need to spend more time on social media.

Start selling to shops without the endless googling for advice and start to approach retail buyers with confidence.

Set your prices and margins and feel sure that they work for both you and your stockists so that you can both grow together and both make money. 

Create a line sheet or wholesale catalogue that shows off your brand and all that you do that buyers will enjoy looking through and that you can use as a tool over and over again to grab retail buyers attention and sell your products.

If you want a step-by-step guide to starting to wholesale...


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Here's the challenge...

You know that in order to start selling to shops there are a whole bunch of things you need to do but you have no idea of where to start or what’s important.

You are constantly second-guessing yourself and asking yourself (or google) questions like…

✨  Is wholesale even for me?

✨  Will buyers want my products?

✨  Where do I even start?

✨  How can I make money selling my products to shops?

✨  What do I need to sell my products to a retail buyer?

✨  How do I even sell my products to a buyer without being too salesy?

Can you imagine...

Imagine walking into your favourite store and seeing your products on the shop shelf? What would it feel like? What if you got there without endless worrying and overwhelm?

Imagine waking up to repeat wholesale orders that you didn’t have to chase after or post countless stories of you dancing with your dog to get. Consistently selling your products and not relying solely on key occasions throughout the year to drive sales to your website. Wholesale can help make your business more resilient and less reliant on social media.

Amber - Neom Marl

"Despite already having a wholesale element to my business, this course provided me with valuable knowledge and answered lots of previously unanswered questions. Highly recommended!"

Kylie - Jack and Freda

"I can't wait to start The Complete Beginners Guide to Wholesale which I believe is going to take my business to the next level. Particularly excited about the margin worksheet (complete with formulas!) as for me, that's the scariest and most complicated part about running a small business! ....this has really motivated me and I can't wait to get stuck in."

Pay as you grow


Dipping your toes into wholesale? Or perhaps you are after specific advice? The 'pay as you grow' masterclasses are designed so you can sign-up to one module at a time making them very affordable. Plus, so you can invest confidently, the first module is free.

Save money by getting all the modules right away

Save £28 by getting all the modules in one go.

Love a Bonus...

Of course, you do...

When you buy one of the modules (2-5) or the bundle you get access to a private area where you can ask questions that come up and see what has been asked and answered before.

Meet your teachers

Catherine Erdly founder Resilient Retail Club

Catherine Erdly

Resilient Retail Club

Hi, I’m Catherine Erdly and I have worked in the retail sector for two decades, with experience in all aspects of the industry from e-commerce to the high street.

Having worked with household names such as Coast, Laura Ashley and Paperchase, as well as some of the most exciting independent start-ups, I have the real-life experience and inside knowledge of what makes a successful product business tick.

I am passionate about helping you make your business a success and I'm here to advise, educate and help you feel clear, confident and energised about the opportunities ahead, whether that’s through my membership or my 1-2-1 services.

Therese Oertenblad

Small Business Collaborative

Hi, I'm Therese and for the last 3+ years, I have been helping creative business owners to start and grow their wholesale, get clear on their margins and sell more of their products.

Before starting Small Business Collaborative I managed sales teams with a yearly turnover of over £2.5 million. Selling to both large and small independent retailers such as Liberty, John Lewis, Fenwick and Asos.

I am super passionate about the retail industry and helping you grow your business in a way that works for your lifestyle. I love sharing my experience and teaching you through my 1-2-1 services and courses.

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